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ECW Results from WWE.com [Tue Jun / 11:39pm]

Also on ECW, Evan Bourne made an impressive debut in tag team action. The newcomer paired up with Kofi Kingston to defeat Shelton Benjamin & Mike Knox. Bourne, who said he’s spent his life wrestling throughout Japan, England and Germany, preparing to live his dream in WWE, showed off his high-flying skills in the match, pinning Knox for his team’s win. With such a remarkable debut, this surely won’t be the last the Land of the Extreme sees of Bourne. ( WATCH )
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ECW Digitals [Tue Jun / 11:37pm]

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ECW Spoilers [Sun Jun / 9:12pm]

Matt, under his new name of Evan Bourne will be in action for ECW this Tuesday. Due to ECW and Smackdown's over seas tour, they had to pre-tape the shows. Click the cut tag to see what he'll be doing.

ECW Spoilers for 6/10Collapse )
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Ladies and Gentleman.... [Sun Jun / 3:56pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Just found out that WWE has changed Matt Sydals name....

*drum roll*

Matt will now be going by Evan Bourne.

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Matt's WWE Status. [Sat Jun / 7:36pm]

Courtesy of Wrestlezone.com

- Matt Sydal is believed to be going full-time with the ECW brand starting this week.

- I can also confirm that former ROH and WSX star Matt Sydal is at WWE's tapings this weekend and will apparently now be part of the ECW brand as I noted earlier here on the site. Sydal's been in WWE's developmental system for awhile now. Sydal helped train Floyd Mayweather, Jr. for his WrestleMania match as well. That impressed WWE management and he's being rewarded for it. He's also a very good talent.

Start setting off the streamers and roll out the cake!
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